Anna Pecora: Helping Riders Overcome Their Fears, One Bike Fit at a Time

Team Wilpers bike fitter, Anna Pecora is passionate about helping others reach their goals and overcome their fears. Anna fits cyclists virtually through Team Wilpers and is also the owner of Naked Cycling LLC located in Northern Virginia. Anna has been working in the bike industry since 2004 and professionally bike fitting since 2013. She is both, Specialized Body Geometry and Retul certified, as well as Trek Precision Fit certified. We wanted to get to know Anna better and find out what drives her passion for finding the perfect fit and helping riders unlock their true potential.

Team Wilpers: How did you first get into Bike Fitting?

Anna: I was kind of thrust into it really. I have a love for helping people get over fears and accomplish their goals and an interest in understanding the body. My boss at the time elected me to get certified after seeing how much customers enjoyed working with me. That’s really where it all began.

Team Wilpers: What’s your cycling background?

Anna: I purely ride for joy and exercise. Ive competed in a few local races but Im more about hopping on a bike to move, feel the wind, and hear the rubber against the ground. 

Team Wilpers: What kind of biking do you do now?

Anna: By far, mountain biking is my favorite. You have no choice but to get out of your head, otherwise youll be eating dirt! I also ride road, gravel and cyclocross.

Team Wilpers: Role models you look(ed) up to?

Anna: Hands down my dad. Hes a physicist and any chance I get, I tell people about him. Hes a very thoughtful objective, and intelligent person. So, much of who I am today is because of him. Especially my humor!

Team Wilpers: Favorite part about virtual bike fitting?

Anna: My favorite part is working with the people! Everyone has been so enthusiastic about the virtual fits. Even those who were initially a little apprehensive, warm up very quickly once we get the fit moving. I feed off of that so much!

Team Wilpers: Something you wish every cyclist knew?

Anna: Not only to get a bike fit but also that bike fits are never one and done. Our bodies will inevitably change over the course of a year or two, whether we put work into it or not. Its so important to get re-fit!

Team Wilpers: Guilty pleasure? 

Anna: Chocolate. And plants. A lot of plants…

Team Wipers: Success story with a client that you’re proud of?

Anna: I have one rider who Ive fit three times. The first time was before his first knee replacement, the second was after his first knee replacement, and the third was after his second knee replacement. He actually just emailed me recently because he bought a new bike and needs a new fit! Hes a great example of why I love what I do: I learn so much from my clients.

Team Wilpers: Have you worked with any celebrities? 

Anna: You know, I dont think I can say Ive worked with anyone who is super famous. Ive worked with local racers and riders who have traveled from other states to see me, but nothing on par with some of our other fitters. But thats ok! I love all of the riders Ive helped and I strive everyday to learn and expand my knowledge of the body and the bike. To me, thats what counts!

Team Wilpers: What are your essential gear items when you hop on the bike?

Anna: One thing I always make sure to put on for a ride is my favorite lipstick. Dont ask me why! Maybe this is my one superstition?

Team Wilpers: Favorite race or place you’ve ridden?

Anna: I remember doing a Bike MS ride when I was 18 through Purcellville, Va and it was absolutely gorgeous. That ride is what I always think back to if I ever need motivation to ride. Find the ride that makes you fall in love with biking!

Over the course of her career Anna has helped hundreds of riders feel more confident and comfortable on their bike, as well as avoid unnecessary injuries. She sees bike fitting as an opportunity to not only adjust the bike to fit the rider, but also to educate the rider about how their body moves on the bike and suggests ways to improve their cycling experience through off-the-bike work. Please visit Team Wilpers Bike Fitting to schedule a session with Anna.

Thanks Anna for sharing your passion and expertise with everyone in the stationary bike riding community. We appreciate all you do to keep us pedaling happy.