Recovery for Athletes

Have you increased your training now that you have a little more time at home? Maybe you are riding twice a day or adding in strength sessions you normally don’t have time to do? If so, don’t forget to recover properly between sessions. The better you recover, the better your next workout will be. I promise!

So what do I mean by proper recovery?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Rest: Put your feet up and resist doing something that requires you to stand between workouts. We know this is impossible for many people, but just make an effort to sit down as much as possible. And, yes literally elevate your feet. Your legs will thank you.

Eat: Follow up each bike or strength session with a recovery snack within 30 minutes.  My favorite thing after a bike ride is a quick green smoothie. This one is my favorite: .  

Also, I like to have some healthy snack foods on hand so when I go to grab a snack during that day it is something good for me and will promote recovery. Think about having this roasted broccoli instead of chips . Or, grab a handful of this trail mix when you need a snack. I make buckets of this at a time.

Don’t forget to finish things off with a healthy dinner.

Hydrate: Think about those puddles of sweat under your bike. Keep drinking all day. Try making fruit water or herbal tea. And of course, mix up your favorite sports drink for during your workout. (1 bottle every 45 min).

Stretch & active recovery: Cooling down after a workout is KEY.  Matt has some great 5 minute stretches on Peloton to tack on to your rides and runs. Also, a 15 minute active recovery walk or jog can do wonders to flush out the legs.

Sleep: Try to get as much of it as possible!

Happy training!